What I'm listening to

I'm always looking for new music, or at least music that is new to me. I frequent a music site called Aquarium Drunkard. 

From the "About" page: "Based in Los Angeles, Aquarium Drunkard is an eclectic audio blog featuring daily music reviews, interviews, features, mp3 samples and sessions. Originating in 2005, digging globally, the Drunkard bridges contemporary sounds with vintage garage, psych, folk, country, soul, funk, r&b and beyond.

Helmed by Justin Gage, the blog has since spun off Autumn Tone Records, the Aquarium Drunkard Presents series, the Lagniappe Sessions and the weekly, two hour, Aquarium Drunkard Show airing Fridays on SIRIUS/XMU(channel 35), Noon-2pm EST. Gage is a working music supervisor for film and music consultant. He authored the 2009 guide/travelogue Memphis And The Delta Blues Trail."

The site is pretty awesome and it's often my go to source for new music. One of my favorite aspects of Aquarium Drunkard is their mixtapes. It's like when I was a kid and had piles of borrowed music from friends older brothers. Kathryn and I recently did some long driving over the new years holiday and were listening to a mixtape of Neil Young covers downloaded from Aquarium Drunkard called "Hello, Mr. Soul".

One song in particular stood out and it was the cover of "Southern Man" by Merry Clayton, recorded in 1971. Merry Clayton is most famous for the backing vocals on the Rolling Stones song "Give Me Shelter", and she was recently in the movie "20 Feet From Stardom".

She does a version of "Southern Man" that is slow, funky and seeps with soul and gospel. It's a great listen.