In print

Chris Dinottia architectural photography

Earlier this year I shot a home remodel in Bellingham WA. The residents, transplants from Texas, wanted a better use of space with a focus on energy efficiency. They hired Chuckanut Builders and [bundle] design studio to revamp the house. The result was a bright, open floor plan that included solar panels, a rain garden and a brilliant crawlspace/root cellar drawer system. The cabinetry was all reclaimed fir and gave a gorgeous warm glow to the kitchen.

That house has now been featured in the Bellingham Herald's weekend magazine and my photos are printed bright and glossy! Take a look at the web version of the article. They used a few different photos for the print version vs the web, but I think it all looks nice!


Edit: Since this article came out [bundle] design studio has split into two entities. Dan Welch is still operating [bundle] but his partner Adair Orr has moved into his own as Armadillo Design Lab