The Open License

In an effort to streamline the licensing of our images and keep things easy I include the license with the cost of the shoot.

No renewal fees, no royalties.

  • Use the photos on your website
  • Blog about your project and use the photos
  • Use the images to promote your project editorially in print or on the web 

Conditions of use:

  • Attribute Chris DiNottia as the photographer, this includes all uses of the images
  • Provide a link back to my website (

What you can’t do:

  • Sell the photos as products (this includes books, contact Chris DiNottia for this type of license)
  • You can’t display the photos in a gallery or similar venue without prior permission
  • You can’t use the images to advertise a third party's product or project. Please contact Chris Dinottia for this type of license.